Coworking in Parker

The Coworking Service at Deep Space has been discontinued due to increased event rental business.
Coworking at Deep Space

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Our Work Area is optimized for maximum creativity and productivity. Get out of the isolation of the home office. Find the inspiration of the coffee shop in a more work-oriented environment. Escape the drudgery of the cubicle. Coworking is the workplace of the future, and now it's right in your hometown, so you can be close to home while you're at work.

Pay a monthly membership or daily use fee to work in a professional space with other professionals with all the essential office amenities for most business needs. High speed Wi-Fi and fresh brewed Fika coffee available to all members and their guests.

  • Amenities include:
  • Copier, Fax & Printers
  • Professional Business Mailing Address
  • Conference Room
  • High Speed Wi-Fi Internet
  • Sink, refrigerator, microwave
  • Large Screen Televisions
  • NEW: Fresh Brewed Fika Coffee
  • NEW: Lulzbot TAZ3 3D Printer
  • NEW: Makerbot 3D Printer3D Printing in Parker

Release yourself from the isolation of the "in-home office."

Get your business in an affordable & professional office space.

Escape the cubicle of Corporate America and be more productive & inspired than ever!