A Night with the Coroner

Night with the Coroner

The August 30th "A Night with the Coroner" event will be held at Deep Space starting at 6:45p.  Buy tickets at: http://anightwiththecoroner.com/upcoming-events/


Wednesday, August 30, 2017 6:45pm to 9:00pm


Deep Space, 11020 S. Pikes Peak Dr., Parker, CO 80138.  View Map and Contact Info


Tickets are sold through the event host...a non-profit.  $10 per person.  Buy Tickets here: http://anightwiththecoroner.com/upcoming-events/



Night With The Coroner

A Night with the Coroner

Night with the Coroner

Retired Denver Homocide Detective, Jon Priest, presents the murder of Denver Bronco, Darrent Williams.

A Night with the Coroner at Deep Space

It follows the story of Harold Henthorn, the Colorado man whose wife died in a fatal fall off a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012 (the photo above was a selfie they took shortly before her death).

He came under suspicion because of his ever-shifting accounts of how she fell and the fact that he stood to collect more than $4.5 million in life insurance. The big twist was that his first wife, Lynn, also died, under very similar circumstances — a supposed accident with Harold as the only witness and a big insurance payout waiting. After a shoddy investigation, Harold escaped any official scrutiny until the second Mrs. Henthorn died, 17 years later. The book explores both death cases, the years-long investigation that led to Harold’s arrest, the trial that determined his fate, and the 100-year-old murder case that would come to haunt him along the way. There will also be personal photos from the families and evidence photos from the trial. 

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